The ten remedies

Let’s get back to basics

Participate in the overhaul of our political system.

For the country to rise up again, the only need would be to respect the rules of democracy, since the principles of Law have a vocation to universal implementation. As soon as those rules will be ensconsed in the preamble to the Constitution, the obligation to abide by them will break down a dozen bolted doors and the country will begin to recover its colour.

  1. Establishing an authentic parliamentary regime, which the country has never known yet. This supposes adopting the single majority system of vote, which brings about a solid parliamentary majority as well as an opposition ready to take over.

  2. Placing a High Court of Justice at the top of the judicial system (to replace the present system), so that the principles of democracy might henceforth be implemented right from the very first level of jurisdiction.

  3. Creating an Upper House in the full sense of the term, composed of Sages that will represent the citizen in his/her constituting power and will, according to the principle of the separation of powers, set the rules of the game applicable to all protagonists of the political life.

  4. Outside urban areas, adopting the catchment area gathering a cluster of communes as a tier of government and reinforcing regional powers, so that the State might concentrate on the competences that concern the national level only.

  5. Shopping around among agencies of legislative expertise, so that the members of Parliament might have weighed down the advantages and inconveniences of the possible solutions to the problems posed before they pass acts.

  6. Establishing a status of private company of common interest allowing access to public funds and tax-deductible donations, so that an activity of common interest that does not require the intervention of the public force might be carried out in the best possible way.

  7. Reserving the status of Sate agent to the persons exercising public authority and benefiting from employment guarantee as a counterpart to the disadvantages of the job and the duty of confidentiality. Other services will be outsourced if bidders offering a lower cost are found.

  8. Guaranteeing a minimal income to all and sundry, which will enable to suppress the multiple social benefits. Able-bodied persons receiving social benefits will be imposed compensations that will reduce the cost of other collective services.

  9. Making it compulsory for all and sundry to take a minimum of insurance against life hazards, particularly as far as health and cessation of activity, whether temporary or final, are concerned, in order to protect the State against the risk of improvidence of too many people.

  10. The interests of wage-earners are private matters and unions are only groups of private interests among others. The State will also stop financing ideologues hostile to free markets, the warrants of justice in the private sphere, which will prevent anti-democrats from undermining public order.