The Club of Democrats

MPs at the service of democracy!

Law has its primary source in the unwritten law of democracy. In order for the legislator to best transcribe it into law, he must have a perfect knowledge of the reality of the democratic model. His task is made easier since the nature of such a regime has been clearly identified. By recasting the law on unquestionable bases, the Club of Democrats will make its contribution to the hoped-for national awakening. Our country will recover all the more easily as the French become aware of the strength of the universal values that bring them together.

Services offered to members of the Club of Democrats:

  • Advice and assistance on substantive policy proposals
  • Seminars or training courses designed to familiarize MPs with the rules of democracy
  • Participation in conferences organized at the Institute for Democracy
  • Suggesting stakeholders for meetings or training sessions at the constituency level
  • Provision of the Institute’s meeting room
  • Organization of meetings with former MPs wishing to share their experience