Democratic audits

The Institute for Democracy carries out at the request, or on its own initiative, the « democratic audit » of a country with institutional difficulties. As an indication, we present here an example dating from 2004, (report on Burma), which allows a better understanding of the evolution of the country since that time.

The Institute is not, however, indifferent to Western regimes whose dysfunctions reflect less a crisis of democracy than the misapplication of its rules.

The Institute for Democracy has been studying the case of our country for several years now. France has experimented with every possible institutional combination in two centuries – it is a veritable laboratory for researchers – but we have still not been able to draw all the lessons from it.

The X-ray of our political system has led us to consult the work of a hundred or so researchers, whom we first had to identify. The conclusion is indisputable: it would suffice to include the rules of democracy in the preamble of our Constitution for the necessary reforms to become inevitable.

This work led to the publication of the book entitled Relever la France, les dix remèdes, published by the Institute for Democracy in November 2011. An abridged version was published in 2016 by L’Harmattan Editions, under the title Démocrates, levez-vous ! L’enjeu de 2017.