The ten remedies for France

Let’s get back to basics

Participate in the overhaul of our political system.

Just respecting the rules of democracy is sufficient to enable France to recover. Provided those rules were present in the preamble of the Constitution, a dozen measures would impose themselves from then on, which, by breaking down as many barriers, would regenerate the country in depth.

  1. Adopt an authentic parliamentary regime and institute a simple majority system of vote for that purpose. An end would be put to the election of the President of the Republic by universal suffrage.
  2. Establish a High Court of Justice in place of the Conseil Constitutionnel, Conseil d’État and Cour de Cassation. It will make sure that the principles of democracy are complied with.
  3. Create a true Upper House. In accordance with the principle of separation of the powers, it will set the rules of the game applicable to the actors of the political life. It will replace the Sénat and the C.E.S.E.
  4. Adopt the pays, i.e. the local catchment area, as the local level of decision making and develop regional powers so that the State might concentrate on its own domains. The départements will disappear.
  5. Open up to competition in the field of political expertise, so as to enlighten legislators prior to their making decisions. This will result in the abolition of the senior branches of the civil service.
  6. Establish the status of private companies of common interest and encourage tax deductions in favour of actions of common interest. The funding of associations by elected authorities will stop.
  7. Reserve the status of public official to those performing a function of authority. Other activities within public organisations will be outsourced to the contractors with the best offers.
  8. Guarantee a minimum income to each, which will put an end to the multiplicity of social allowances. Able-bodied persons benefitting from social aid will be imposed compulsory activities in compensation.
  9. Make a minimum of insurance against the hazards of life compulsory, so as to protect the State against the risk of too many people’s lack of foresight in the sectors of employment and health.
  10. Protect the interests of the employees in the internal debates of their employing organisations. Unions will thereafter be considered as groups of specific interests.